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Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm sorry I've been so neglectful, Hannah. 

Apparently Hannah is quite out of the loop. She didn't even know Peter and Katherine hooked up at that party and have been dating ever since :-O. 
Other things that have happened are Jessie gave Katherine a super-cute hair-cut. Yesterday I went to a pumpkin patch that had disappointing pumpkins, but I still had fun. I also got Katherine, Peter, Brian, Joel, and Ben to come along. Ben found two funny little pumpkins to bring home. On Saturday Frannie and her roommate(another Hannah) hosted a potluck at their apartment. I went, as well as Ben and Brian and two of Hannah's friends and one of Frannie's friends who we didn't know. We ate some and played some cards and talked, rather mellow. 
Tomorrow I'm going to the Woodland Park Zoo for a field trip with my class. I have to be at C-lot at 8:15 :-(. Today I had class from 9-11, then went to Ben's where I found him in a little puddle on his bed, having just fallen asleep two hours before. He was mysteriously wearing a robe, which I asked him about. "Why are you wearing a robe?" "I dunno." Then he proceeded to mishear everything I said until I finally figured out I should stop trying to talk to him. I crawled in bed and fell asleep and ended up sleeping through the second half of my class, oops. Woke up at like, 1:30, but kept laying in bed and ended up taking a second nap with Ben from like, 5:30-7:30. Basically, I am completely fucked for sleep tonight. Ben made me some mac and cheese and now I'm home with Jessie and we are both on our computers being awesome. She's taking a myspace survey and I'm trying to be a good friend by updating my blog. 
What else...last night Steve, Ben, and Corbin were all over here hanging out and Corbin fucked with my mind by showing me "Tub Girl". But meatspin.com was pretty funny. He was good and only made one post as me on myspace, and it was just to Ben. Oh, and Jessie baked banana bread. And this weekend she went to Seattle to go to a pumpkin patch with her family. 
i'm behind on some homework because it's not due until the end of the quarter but you're supposed to be writing these short essays every week and they're piling up in a bad way. I want to bake, so I might make some cupcakes. I really want to make cookies but we've run out of flour. Which I almost spelled "flower". There's my boring life, Hannah Banana. *kisses*
I almost forgot, there was also a party at U-308 that Alex tried to throw which ended up being just like, 8 of us, lemme see if I can remember...me, Ben, Jessie, Steve, Alex, Brian, Evan, Paul, Alex's brother, Ryan, Alex's friend Alisha, Erik, Erik's girlfriend Alli...I think that was it. Paul and Brian had left to visit Julian by the time I got there. Alex had made this big bucket thing of punch with alcohol in it and it was disgusting by my and James's standards, but everyone else thought it was pretty good. We ended up playing this drinking game called "moose" where you take an ice cube tray and two quarters and try to bounce the quarters off the table and into the ice cube tray. If it lands on the right side, you count how many squares it is away from you and that's how many drinks/sips you have to take. If it lands on the left side, you count those and that's how many drinks/sips you get to hand out(e.g.: James takes 3, Ben 1, Alex 2). If it lands in either of the last two squares you have to go "moose!" and put your hands up by your head like you're making moose-antlers and everyone else has to do this as well. The last person to do it has to drink the "moose cup" of alcohol. Alex and Erik and Ryan were quite drunk, Jessie and Steve had disappeared into Steve's room without drinking, Alisha and Evan didn't participate, and James and Ben got a bit tipsy. Ok, James was drunk, and it was hilarious, because he didn't think he was drunk, probably because he thinks it should feel different. He was talking really slow and played drunk chess with Ben(who was sober pretty quickly, after wrestling with sleepiness for about an hour) and at the end of the game he said "I didn't look at the board once." I drank some but mostly just got a headache from the interaction with my meds and the enormous sugar content of this goddamn punch. Everyone was sick from that sugar. The entire bucket was gone, drank mostly by Alex, Ryan, Erik, Ben, me, Brian, Alli, and James. It was ridiculous. 
That's my partying story. Probably for the whole year. 


Hannah said...

Star, I love you and you're a Goddess! That was a great post and made everything better! Sigh... fun times. I'll have to write you and Jessie another letter and then make a huge postcard/letter package for everyone at Evergreen and then Finally send it off. Sound good? Thank you loves...

Hannah said...

Ps. TAKE PICTURES OF THE PUMPKINS ETC.! Not nearly enough pictures of these grand events.

Starzipan said...

sounds good, dahling, and thanks for reminding me to send you things! i'll get workin' on that.
and i realized after i got to the pumpkin patch yesterday that i'd forgotten my camera, but i'll take pics of all the pumpkins of our amigos as soon as i can. jessie's doing a halloween party at your house next week too, so i'll be sure to get pics of that!