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Saturday, September 15, 2007

About Me

I'm Star.

I'm 21 as of yesterday.
I am going into my second year at The Evergreen State College.
I'm going to be living in Cooper's Glen with my best friend.

I'm in love with this boy:


Hannah said...

That is a perfect little nugget of a synopsis, I'm completely caught up to everything that's been going on in your life for the last year. I can't believe it!
Ps. Did not know you had a blog, you sneaky monkey, you!

Starzipan said...

Quiet you. I just made the blog today. I was really bored.

mamarama said...

ummm ben in the suit with the glazed,dorky look is not his best ... lucky for you

Ben Jammin said...

what a crappy page! *wink*