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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Characters

&otThese are the principle characters in my life.

Ben is my 19 year old(soon to be 20 year old) boyfriend. I feel confident calling him my boyfriend, because he's started calling me his girlfriend. He used to object to the terms, because they are not entirely accurate, but told me recently he's decided being able to communicate with people is more important. He hates it when people use the term ironic. Even if they're using it correctly, it tends to annoy him, because it reminds him of all the times people use it incorrectly. Ben is also a sophomore at Evergreen and we met during the first week of school last year. He lived down the hall from me in D dorm on the 4th floor. This became more and more convenient as my trips to his room became more frequent. We started dating on *wince* the 14th of February, 2007. Technically it was after midnight when we kissed, technically we could say it was the 15th, but we are honest people, so it was Wednesday, the 14th, not Thursday. He plays guitar and records his own and other people's songs on his computer. This summer he took a recording class at Evergreen and we both lived in the Soup, me in T, him in S. We saw a lot of each other. He's from Spokane, WA.

Jessie is my best friend. She lived in the same "suite" as me in D dorm. We met on the day we moved in and her first impression of me was a hyper-straight-a-student type. Not accurate. She is 19, almost 20, has a rat named Choxie who lived secretly in her dorm room last year, and is amazing. We're going to be living together in a two bedroom apartment starting next week. She's a vegetarian, compassionate, and I tend to hear her stories more than once. She works as a lifeguard at the Evergreen pool, and nannied for her sister this summer, taking care of her baby nephew. She's from Kenmore, WA, near Seattle.

Hannah also lived in D Dorm, down the hall. She's a sassypants. She cracks me up. She's super crafty. Sometimes lives in her own little world. Ok, always, but luckily she invites me in sometimes. She has an adorable dog named Willow(she's a whippet!). She LOVES bunnies. She knits amazing little things. She has a great sense of style. This summer she worked at Ikea. She's from Brush Prairie, WA, near Vancouver.

I met Steve because he's Jessie's boyfriend. Then he switched from A to D and became part of that crowd. Steve is a badass ninja-type. He plays video games and looks up art on the internet. He draws a lot and makes cool comics. He worked at REI this summer. He's from Bothell, WA, near Seattle.

James is a quiet little strange boy, sensitive and sweet and awesome. He makes amazing noises when you tickle him. He also reads great books and hides in small spaces sometimes, making him one of the few people to understand my penchant for climbing inside my wardrobe. He is skinny and lanky and runs very fast when he needs to. One of the funniest people I know. Also a D dormer. He's from somewhere near the Bay area in California.

Frannie also lived in my suite in D dorm. She is a photographer with a tendency to mishear things with hilarious results. All in all, a great friend who will listen to your woes, and only asks that you listen to hers in return. She works at the CRC at Evergreen. She's from Shoreline, WA, near Seattle.

Katherine is another D dormer from my suite. We were born on the same day, an hour and a half apart(she in Wisconsin, me in California). She's been a waitress, bartender, and general badass. Katherine also plays guitar and sings and even has a band in Wisconsin. 

Julian is one of the youngest people from my D dorm group, starting college at the tender age of 17. She's 18 now, works for Housing in the front office, lived in the Glen over the summer, but is moving back on campus into the Soup. She likes cats, politics, and history. And the X-Files. And The West Wing. She's from Seattle, WA.

Freddy was Steve's roommate in D dorm. He likes zombies a lot and making movies. He will eat your food. He's from Vancouver, WA.

Evan lived down the hall from me in D Dorm. He loves Macs. He gives free tech support. He's a great guy. The first week I accidently called him Ivan and it kinda stuck, then transformed to become his alter-ego, the suave, ladies' man. He seems to tolerate it. He's the only one who's actually from Olympia, WA.

Paul is young like Julian, only he did Running Start(this bullshit Washington program that lets you earn college credit at a community college at the same time as earning high school credit to graduate) so he was a Junior last year. He went to Ireland last Spring. Lucky bastard. He's from Puyallup, WA.

And then there's Corbin. Corbin is an asshole. He enjoys pushing people's buttons. He is terrified of riding in cars with people and acts like an even bigger asshole to compensate. He will make jokes at your expense. He enjoys rap. The only person who puts up with him most of the time is Ben. And yet, he's a funny guy who keeps hanging out with us. He's a bit of a mystery in some ways. Apparently if you insult his mom, he yells "Trish Smith is a saint!" He's from Vancouver, WA.

Here's the living situations: Jessie and I are sharing a two-bedroom apartment in the Glen. Julian is living in the Soup. Frannie is sharing a two-bedroom in the Glen with a girl I don't know. Ben, Steve, James, Freddy, Erik, and Alex are sharing a six-bedroom apartment in the Soup. Katherine, Evan, Hannah, and Paul are living in Evan's parent's rental house on the border of Tumwater. They have an interesting situation. Hannah will be in Italy in the Fall, Paul will be...somewhere in Winter, and Katherine will be in France in the Spring. So Fall quarter it'll be Evan, Katherine, and Paul, Winter it will be Evan, Katherine, and Hannah, and Spring it will be Evan, Paul, and Hannah. Works out weirdly well, except for 4-6 weeks where all four of them will be sharing the three-bedroom house. Now the problem with Erik and Alex is that I don't seem to have any pictures of either of them. But here are some facts anyway:

Erik went to the same high school as Hannah, and they even dated briefly once. He lived in D dorm and became close with most of the 4th floorers. He is a firefighter and a giant. He's from Hockinson, WA, near Vancouver.

Alex is one of Ben's friends/acquaintances from Spokane. He is transferring from WSU. I've only met him once. He is studying art of some sort, and seems to enjoy graffiti.

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Hannah said...

Star, all I can say is "True Dat" to all of it. You are amazing m'dear. Oh I can't wait for the end of the week when I can visit all my characters.