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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zoo Trip

Yesterday I went to the Woodland Park Zoo with my class(Evolving Communication). My favorite part was discovering a little creature called an Anoa. Here's the Woodland Park Zoo's page about them: Lowland Anoa. As is mentioned on the previously mentioned page, the Anoa did wander right up to the fence. I was walking past the raptors when I noticed the sign for the Anoa and looked around the enclosure for it, finally spotting it way down in the back corner, laying by the chainlink fence. So I went down and told it how cute it was and it looked back at me with its big cow eyes and then stood up and tilted its head at me like, "pet me." So I scratched its head and it liked that very much. We bonded. I sat there petting it for a good ten minutes. It was lovely. Zoos are petting zoos, don't listen to Ben. It's not a baby tiger, it's a tiny water buffalo. 

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Hannah said...

I approve. Ten BILLION percent!