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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Sorry I haven't been blogging much. Not a lot has been going on. I've still been baking but got tired of posting the recipes, and figured you felt the same. I made a custardy apple pie from Witch in the Kitchen and it was tasty. Made another soup. Discovered that a clove of garlic does wonders for a grilled cheese sandwich. Last night I cleaned most of the apartment.
Ben left for Spokane last night. I am visiting him from Wednesday the 19th through Monday the 24th and am excited and nervous. I am going to Aloha today, my dad's picking me up in a couple of hours. After visiting Ben, I'll be in the Tron at least through New Year's, so that should be cool You should hella hang out with me. That's about it! <3 Star


Anne said...

hey I am still sick, glad your dad is getting you ... the drive to the store almost kills me, can't imagine coming up there. Susan just called and cancelled, the memorial is tomorrow and too many people coming in to town and they need to focus on the family, and the memorial. so I am home, getting some DVD's here shortly and some soup, and some Ny-quil, taking Zicam seems to help. see you soon snook

Jellie said...

I am greatly confused with your Portland freeway. How can I be driving along happily through Portland on I-5, get distracted for one tiny second to see if I can possibly see sweet Hannah once more before I am gone and heading through to Washington, and all of a sudden I am down town! How did I get off the freeway? I did not mean to get off the freeway! There was no offramp! I think your freeway has some witchy tricks! Nevertheless, I found my way back to the freeway after a bit a brow furrowing maneuvering. I miss you already, have a wonderful holiday!

corbin said...

what the fuck is trom?

coooooorbeeeen said...


Starzipan said...

Beaverton is lovingly and disparagingly referred to as "Beaver-tron" or "The Tron".