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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harvest Moon

I haven't been posting lately because I didn't feel I was doing anything worth posting, but then Ben suggested to me that I post about what I've been doing anyway. So here it is.
I've been playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature like there's no tomorrow. It's a game for the original Playstation(yes, I still own one of those, as well as an N64 and a Super NES, though the last two are home in Beaverton). It is very simple and very addicting. You are a little farmer dude who decides to fix up his grandpa's old farm and try to succeed in this little village. You can plant crops, raise animals(cows, chickens, and sheep for profit, a dog and a horse just for the hell of it and for entering in races), forage in the wilderness, fish, etc. You also can choose to court and marry one of five girls in the village. As far as I can tell the game goes on forever. In the N64 version(yeah, i have that too) I've played for seven "years" and had a wife and a toddler but ended up giving up on it for one reason or another. I always get tired of it and then start a new game the next time I pick it up. I've married all the girls at one time or another and my current conquest is Karen. She's the sassy one and I dig her styles.

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Hannah said...

Hey strizzle! You should put up pictures from the Procession of the Species (I know you didn't get that many, but you got some I think) and Ben's little sockie-class project. Those were great! Keep on posting sugar...