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Thursday, May 15, 2008

This weekend

Lately I've been having trouble getting my ass out of bed and accomplishing anything once I have. Depression? Laziness? Stress? Who knows. Also, Ben is intensely busy and the only time we get to spend together is right before we go to sleep and right after we wake up. This is stressing us both out. We got to walk around and do errands together yesterday and we both felt really happy and were sad when he had to go to rehearsal for his play and then he had another rehearsal at noon today so he had to leave first thing. But we did get sushi to go and eat it together and hang out last night because it was our 1 year and 3 month anniversary and we have a pattern of doing something every three months. Generally in between we just give each other kisses and smile when it's the 14th.
Harvest Mooning continues. And Groc Out has delicious Crunch ice cream bars right now as well as these frozen pizza stick things that you bake and are wonderful. I recommend a trip over there.
Oh! And tomorrow it's supposed to be over 90 degrees! Today it was over 80!
Saturday something is happening in the field called "Geoduck Fest" which as far as I can tell is a bunch of people selling crap on blankets while others play with a dunk tank or throw water balloons at eachother. Then that night at 8 is Ryan(Hitchcock) and Miguel's comedy show "Space Brothers". Then after that Ben and I are going over to Alex and Ryan(Butler)'s house for a get together of sorts. THEN Sunday night is the improv show! Busy weekend!


Hannah said...

Will I see your pretty face tomorrow?

Starzipan said...

yes, definitely. it's been a series of flukes the last three weeks :-\