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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Woodruff Park

Woodruff Park is across the street from my house.
Found by searching "olympia woodruff park" on google:

Park History:
This westside park is named after Sam Woodruff who was born in China in 1858. He returned to Olympia and made his living as a printer and bookseller. Woodruff was one of our early developers and conveyed the Woodruff Park land to the City of Olympia in 1892 for $1.00."

"Or visit Woodruff Park, once a site for Victorian flower beds and the city watertower. "

"The program is run by Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation, which is also having SKIPP, a free drop-in playground program for ages 6 to 12 with structured activities from noon to 3 p.m. SKIPP is at Lions Park and Woodruff Park, which is close to Garfield Elementary."

Cool satellite picture

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