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Monday, February 2, 2009

Day's accomplishments

Things accomplished today:

Dropped my 12-credit class. I was not gonna pull off a miracle and get my work done and this way I get rid of the stress and get a 50% refund and no credit rather than lose all my money for no credit and possibly get kicked out of Evergreen. 
Picked up a book I got from the Interlibrary Loan system at the library.
Printed off some copies of my resume.
Looked for the shovel. Couldn't find it.
Walked to the hardware store. Bought a new shovel. 
Dug in the garden a bit. Chop chop chop goes the grass. 
Then I sat down here and have not done much since. I think I've only eaten a baggie of salt and vinegar chips today. I should eat more.

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Hannah said...

Oh star.... sigh... you sound like you need a big hug and a big plate of waffles. My house? Two minutes? We could take care of BOTH.