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Sunday, February 1, 2009

First day of February

I am currently failing at doing an Hourly Comic. FAIL. 

I'll just type it up, huh? 
Woke up at about 1pm when the doorbell rang. Ben always jumps up, gets dressed, scampers out to answer it, and either misses the person or has to run out to the street to catch them walking away, and it's never anything important, so this morning, I put my arm out as soon as I heard the bell and said "Leave it!" 
Yes, "leave it." Like to a dog. However, Sleepy Ben responded well and stayed down but tense. When it rang again he got up but missed the person anyway. So I was left all by my lonesome because once he's up he likes to stay up and I don't get my morning snuggles. Rude. 

Eventually I got up too. Dawdled around and ended up going to Target(say it "tar-jay"), did their computer application thing in the "employment kiosk" as it is labeled. 

Went to Jamba and dropped off the application I'd picked up the day before. Got a fro-yo from the fro-yo-sto (hehe).

And now I am home. Ben just said "Hey, Star" and took a camera phone picture when I looked. 
"Thanks. That's a picture of you tolerating me."

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