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Saturday, March 21, 2009

More gardening updates

Feeling confident after my visit to Bark and Garden I planted 12 sections of an egg carton with seeds, six of broccoli and six of lettuce. I watered them ever so gently and put them in a propagation dome. I figure that since they don't need much watering in the dome and probably won't do anything for at least a week they'll be fine while I'm gone. And the worst that happens is they all die and I start anew. I plan to direct seed peas and miners lettuce in the garden tomorrow! I dug up quite a few more chunks of grass. It's exhilarating, except when you find a little white thing that feels like a root through your gloves but you're pretty sure it's a bug, but if it is a bug, it's a munching bug that should probably be dead if it's gonna be in my garden, but maybe it's a root and since you're not sure you can squish it and not feel like a murderer. So then you go to squish it but it won't, it's hard. This is another point for the root hypothesis, so you go to snap it in half when it explodes with white bug guts! Ew! I actually yelped. I'm glad none of it got on me or I probably would have gone and showered or something equally ridiculous. I have changed a lot since childhood. I still woulda been freaked out, but I was dirty all the time when I was little, I didn't give a shit. 

Then I spent several hours poking around on my computer like a sullen loser, missing Ben. When I determined it'd been over 7 hours since he left the house, I gave him a call and he updated me on his day(sitting in a car) and I updated him on mine and then I got off my butt and cleaned the house a bit(started the dishwasher, took out garbage and compost, swept and vacuumed living room, wiped down counter and sink in kitchen, wo0t!). Now I'm gonna chill out until Ben calls to say goodnight. Then Monday I catch a train at 11:15 or so(which means catching a bus at 10:00 from my house!) and ride it to Portland. I don't know when I'm going back to Oly, I haven't bought a return ticket yet. 

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