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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday was the Spring Equinox and today it is sunny and almost warm! I rode the 49 bus to Cooper Point and then got off and walked to Bark and Garden Center. I only needed a few things, a little greenhouse plastic thing for starting seeds, some potting soil, and plant tags(I need to keep track of these buggers!). While waiting in line I checked my bus schedule to see if it would be possible to catch the 47 over to the mall, and found that it does not run on weekends. I resigned myself to having to walk all the way back to Cooper Point with a bag of potting soil when a woman standing behind me asked if I was in a hurry. I replied that I was not, as the bus I was hoping to catch isn't running so I have to walk back to Cooper Point anyway. She casually said she'd give me a ride, to which I asked, really? She was serious and I was stoked. She was wearing a pink sweater and pink glasses and her name was Christine. Things I found out about her on our short drive to my house: She went to Evergreen a long time ago but then she got divorced and needed to work to support her three kids, so she took night classes at St. Martin's to graduate(Evergreen didn't have their Evening/Weekend program back then). All three of her kids graduated from WSU and are very successful in their careers. Evergreen graduates seem to be preferred when applying for jobs with the state of Washington. She thinks Evergreen encourages independent thinking and graduates can take care of themselves. 

What an awesome lady. I just wanted to tell the world that there's a nice woman out there who gives bus-riding girls with potting soil a ride home. 

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