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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Postal Service

I think I discovered a secret to the United States Postal Service. If you get mail for a former tenant and you write "No longer lives here" on the outside of the envelope and stick it back in the mailbox, it disappears with the rest of the outgoing mail and you stop receiving mail for that person. It's like MAGIC. I call it a secret because no one seems to know you can do this and that it works. I discovered it after reading the envelope from a mail-in ballot that was addressed to a person who used to live in the house. The envelope said to write "no longer lives here" and put it back in the mailbox if the person is no longer a resident of the house. So I tried it for other mail and it works for everything! Cell phone bills, personal mail, even advertisements as long as they don't say "or current resident" on them. So I've decided to pass my secret along, in the hopes of decreasing your unwanted mail and maybe saving some paper in the future. 

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Hannah said...

oh totally! But. There's always one letter that always comes back no matter how much you underline and add red things to it... it always comes back. Sigh...