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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Head

A few days ago I came downstairs and found this staring at me. I knew it was Corbin's and that he had put it there to startle, probably not just me, but nevertheless. So I picked it up and put it in his bed. The next morning I found it on the banister right outside my bedroom, staring at me. I put it in the fridge. Later it was back downstairs where I first found it. I put it in the washing machine. James was the unlucky victim this time. I told him to rehide the head and he did as told, placing it in Corbin's shower. It found its way into my closet. Corbin's food cupboard. The microwave.
Approximately five minutes ago Corbin came home. "Where'd you put The Head, Bjorge?!"

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Hannah said...

Oh man oh man oh man! Can you please keep blogging about life together? I keep humming the "Three's Company Too" song in my head... twisted.