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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I've added some links to my links list. Most recently there's Jessie's Wisconsin blog that she's using for this quarter she's spending there, working in a wildlife rehabilitation center.
Also Frannie has a blog for her photography that I don't think anyone knows about but me.
Ben started a livejournal after I showed him mine and has been using it to post his thoughts, which, being Ben's thoughts, are quite interesting and written in a style that is his own.
Then of course, there are the old standby's:
Corbin's Stock Ticker is a blog written by former D-dormer and now downstairs neighbor, Corbin. It's hilarious. He writes about movies a lot.
Hannah calls her blog Greener Living in homage to Evergreen. She started it at the beginning of last year to let family and friends from back home know what it's like being a student at Evergreen. There's a bunch of posts from her travels in Europe, since she spent last quarter living in Florence, Italy. She puts a picture in almost every post and has a really charming writing style.
Steve almost never updates his blog, Artemesis, but when he does, there are fascinating pictures of whatever art projects he's been working on lately.
Jessie posts whatever poetry she's been writing lately in her poetry blog. She is not to be confused with Jessie Maier, who is Hannah's little sister. Several of Hannah's relatives clicked on a link to Jessie Allison's blog from Hannah's and assumed that this was the poetry of 17-year-old Jessie Maier, and that Jessie Maier was clearly very depressed. It spread through the grapevine of the family and arrived back with Hannah who exasperatedly explained that this was a friend from college who actually is not depressed at all.


Agent Jellie said...

Very depressed? hahha... that's really funny. I am not depressed! Is my poetry depressing? Hmmph!

Starzipan said...

i know! it's a super good story, you should ask hannah to tell it

Ben Jammin said...

good blog also go lime!