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Monday, January 14, 2008

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Beginning Ballet (from the syllabus):
Each week we will be studying the basic positions, vocabulary and movements of ballet. Each class we will add new positions and steps.
In addition to learning ballet, each week we may study any or all of the following: focus exercises, Pilates, Gyrotonics, EFT, self massage, Developmental Movement Therapy and stretching exercises.

Beginning Ceramics: Vessels
Week 1:
Tues: Course intro
Thurs:Pinch pots
Assignment: Make 20 pinch pot bowls to be used for glaze testing.

Week 2:
Tues: Soft clay forming: pinch, altered slabs, dowel formed
Assignment: Matching sets: plate, bowl & cup: 2 of each (6 pcs.). Match shape, surface, coloration, designs on all pieces.
Thurs: Slip painting and surface development

Week 3:
Tues: Slump and press mold forms/alterations, additions, handles
Assignment: Make 2 slump or press molded pieces
Thurs: Leatherhard slab construction.
Assignment: Make 2 10" pots (tall or wide)

Week 4:
Tues: High fire glazing: lecture and demo
Thurs: Work day
Assignment: Glaze all bisque ware made to date

Week 5:
Tues: Coil construction: large forms
Assignment: build a 12" to 15" pot
Thurs: continue

Week 6:
Tues: Wheel throwing: cylinders - centering, opening, and forming
Assignment: 20 cylinders - 1-2 Lbs clay each, throw, cut in 1/2, and recycle.
Thurs: 3 basic forms: cylinder, bowl, closed form
Assignment: 2 of each

Weeks 7-10: individual projects: using techniques, processes from weeks 1-6, complete 3 projects (ie: large pieces, sets, experimental vessels, etc)

The Practice of Writing:
This course will give students a broad overview of prose writing, and help them to broaden, deepen, and improve their own writing practice. We will explore every step of the writing process, learning to brainstorm, structure, draft, critique, rewrite, polish, and "share out" in ways large and small. The course will also address key principles of good writing, challenges like procrastination and writer's block, and ways to develop productive writing routines.

Our class meetings will include lectures, writing workshops, small-group critique sessions, brief tutorials, and class recitations. Outside of class, you will keep a daily journal, pursue various writing activities as assigned, and complete a 5-10 page final project. If you wish, you may also visit Evergreen's Writing Center for one-on-one coaching, especially if you want or need to strengthen your grasp of the more technical aspects of writing (paragraph and sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, etc.).