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Monday, January 21, 2008

I've been sick since Friday night and it has been rather miserable. Just one of those colds where you're exhausted and your nose is drippy and your eyes tend to water and you have a cough and an occasional sneeze and you lay around watching hours and hours of America's Next Top Model because they just play one after another and you think to yourself, "well, I am curious who gets cut this week, maybe just one more episode."
About a week ago Ben and I went to visit the Hannah/Katherine/Evan/Paul household where we played video games and baked pie. i brought the filling I'd made over and Hannah and I made the crust which involved me putting too much shortening it and it being somewhat moist and crumbly. Oh well. Hannah took some lovely pictures here: http://greenerliving.blogspot.com/2008/01/triumphant-return.html


Hannah said...

Strizzle, I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly but I'm super happy that you linked to the pie post!

Anonymous said...

sweet pea, what kind of house does hanna pie have anyway ... on top of the kitchen ...???

Starzipan said...

it's one of those high-ceilinged dealies with a little balcony type thing that you're supposed to put decorative vases on, you know?

Anne said...

oooohhhhhh ... i get it, but it still looks weird