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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Update on projects

I've been working on some interesting things. Interesting to me at least.
To start out, here's Ben being a good boyfriend and putting together my bed on the day I moved in:

This is my latest knitting project. It's going to be a hat. The pattern is from a book I bought recently called Knitting Beyond Scarves by Melissa Leapman. It's a rectangle that you gather at the top. Anyway, the yarn is Ella Rae brand 100% wool and is ever so lovely.

This is a project I'm putting on hold for a while. It's a very wide scarf made with Lion Brand "Homespun" which is really frustrating to use.

Another scarf. Lion Brand "Wool-Ease"

A bowl I made in ceramics has turned into my Knitting Bowl.

Knitting bowl plus Mit Mit...
Equals Mit Mit Bowl!

Here's some random ceramics projects:

Also, Canvas Works is an AWESOME store!


Photo Synthesis said...

oh my god, i love the leaf plate and the second-to-last picture, also a plate. with the bubblies! :)

Agent Jellie said...

Your scarves are totally beautiful.