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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ben and I have been enjoying the yard at this house by cleaning it up a bit. The other day we weeded the front where there is a sort of rocky terrace with some planned plants and mostly dandelions. It looks amazing now sans weeds.
Today we mowed the lawn with the manual push mower and Ben did some weeding in the back. Go us! I'll take pictures as things continue. More bulbs keep popping up, some really pretty tulips. I can't wait to plant more! Also we fixed my bike up and I just need to adjust the seat a little more and I can ride it! Just need warmer weather.
Last night we walked downtown and it snowed on us. It was really beautiful. Ben thought it was more hail than snow but he is wrong. They were little snowflake shaped ice crystals. Snow! We went to Plenty and got milkshakes and artichoke dip and then rode the bus home. We stopped in that little park on the west side of the 4th ave bridge and walked around the boardwalk on the other side. The Olympia Yacht Club was having a bumpin' party. Limbo music was being played by a DJ and a bunch of old people were whistling and laughing. Van Morrison came on as we got to a place where we could see inside and count about 20 middle-aged to elderly people wearing leis. Thank you, Yacht Club.

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