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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cheese and Blogging

Hannah and I have started a baking/cooking blog. I will reveal the address when we are satisfied with its progress. The name stems from a combination of our names/nickname. 

Also, I have eaten a lot of mac and cheese in the last two days. Yesterday I didn't eat properly until I'd gone to school, got off the bus at Groc Out, gone grocery shopping, and came home, so I quickly microwaved a Lean Cuisine mac and cheese and ate it. Then I was still hungry and I'd also bought a Linda McCartney mac and cheese so I made that. Then today, I had a box of Annie's. Oh, and on the subject of cheese, I made a quesadilla last night.

More cheese! Always more cheese!

Oh! And Ben and I plan on making a cheesecake tomorrow to take to Katherine and Peter's house on Friday night(we are classy and have hella couple friends we hang with). 


Photo Synthesis said...

LINDA MCCARTNEY mac n cheese???


Starzipan said...

"A pioneer in both the vegetarian and animal rights movements, the late Linda McCartney shared her knowledge and love of meatless cooking through a series of best-selling cookbooks including, Linda McCartney’s New Home Cooking and Linda’s Kitchen: Simple and Inspiring Recipes for Meatless Meals. In 1991, Linda launched her own line of meatless frozen meals in the United Kingdom. With her husband, Paul McCartney, Linda promoted the health and environmental benefits to be gained through a vegetarian lifestyle, and through her company, she was always looking for creative ways to bring new and delicious tastes into the realm of wholesome eating."