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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I totally was sick with something, I thought food poisoning, but then everyone has been getting similar symptoms that last a day or two. It's weird, you feel totally 100% fine and then you wake up having to puke. So yeah, avoid that if you can.

Haven't been updating Hanzipan because I haven't been baking or cooking. Most forms of protein have been grossing me out. Regardless of the fact that it probably wasn't food poisoning, the last thing I ate before I puked it all up was Chicken Tikka Masala, so anything meat or rich sauces sounded really gross. The whole thing where you've watched it in reverse, ya know? 
So yeah. I'll try to bake soon. I have all the ingredients I need for a cheesecake, I just need to find the springform pan. Also, if your name is Alex Southworth or Casey Mars, we need to go use those gift certificates at the Iron Rabbit before Sunday or they expire! Oh nooooooooes! 

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Charlie said...

One time I through up a salad in 6th grade sooooo many colors.