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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I now know that chicken needs to be cooked hotter than beef

The food handler's card class is one of the most boring classes ever. It was only about an hour but it felt like forever. I was the first one finished with my test. I even got a question wrong because I was filling it out so fast, the better to escape. Also, having to be at the courthouse at 8:20 am sucked too. Now I have an hour to kill before I can go meet Ben for lunch. Also, it is possible I'll start work tomorrow. I am very excited, way too excited for a food court job, but my boss is really optimistic about me and that makes me feel optimistic about me. He wants someone to be friendly to customers and go out into the food court with samples and coupons and chat people up. I am super good at chatting up customers. Customers love a tiny blonde 20-something with free food. I am a dream come true. Life is good.

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