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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Starzy Update

After much distribution of my resume, I got hired at Charley's Grilled Subs in Capital Mall. So that's good news. The owner is named Charlie, but it is a coincidence. He says I have experience, enthusiasm, and spunk. Yay me? I do have those things though :-P

Also, I am probably going to get health insurance, but it's up to a six-month wait. It's through Washington Basic Health and if all goes as planned, I will have good Group Health insurance for $22 a month!! If you've ever done research on getting health insurance, the cheapest you can get to actually be able to see a doctor regularly or get prescriptions is about 80 bucks. 50 bucks will get you the barest minimum of insurance so you won't get completely wiped out if you have to go to the hospital or something, but is otherwise useless. I'm psyched that I qualify. Everyone besides the college considers me a resident of Washington, which is a relief. I also qualified for Take Charge which is an awesome program that I found out about through Planned Parenthood which gets you free birth control for a year. I'm going to be in Washington for at least another year for school, so I might as well be a resident. 
Let's see...Ben is doing good, he is in a class called "Marx and Marxisms" and is reading through Capital. That shit is dense, but he is doing an admirable job of making sense of it. I proof-read all his papers and outlines, so I'm learning a lot too :-). 
I'm enrolled in just 4 little credits, American Sign Language 2. I love it and continue to learn a ton every week. 
I haven't been baking or cooking much lately, just kinda lazy I guess. Not in the mood. Yesterday I wore shorts and a tank top all day. It felt great. Currently my iPod is serenading me with "Crazy for You" by Madonna. That's about all I can think of for now. I am getting shit done this week, stuff that's really hard for me to do, like making phone calls and taking initiative on things that I don't entirely understand. I made the phone call to Basic Health knowing nothing more than the flyer I got at the Health Center told me. Then I made an appointment to meet with some stranger at St. Peter's hospital and rode a bus line I've only been on once before... I am amazing. Hehe. Also, I have a sparkly butterfly temporary tattoo on my lower back. It is my ephemeral tramp-stamp.

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