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Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm moving, probably next week, and it's super excited! I found the place on craigslist. I'm moving into the available bedroom and then in July, the current occupants are moving out because their lease is up. Then Ben and I are taking over and it's gonna be awesome! This house is SO gorgeous.

This is the living room. I'm standing in front of the front door and Ben took the picture from the kitchen entry.

The living room from about where I'm standing in the previous pic. Those are my new roommates for the quarter, Jessie and John. The doorway behind them goes to a hallway with the bathroom and their bedroom nearest.

The kitchen from the entryway that the first picture was taken in, if Ben just turned around the other way. The room beyond is a little nook with a futon and plants in it. Those doors lead to the back porch.

The kitchen as viewed from the nook. Notice the gas stove!!!

Washer and dryer!!!!!

Very fancy stairs going up to the second floor.

Looking down the stairs.

The little purple bedroom that Josh moved out of, opening up space in the house for me!

A closet in the purple bedroom.

The space at the top of the stairs and between the bedrooms with a tv just out of the picture on the right side.

The larger bedroom where Johann currently resides. He's offered to switch to the smaller room since he's almost never there and I've decided to take him up on it, although the purple room is much more adorable.

The only bathroom in the house...

A chameleon in what's currently used as the computer room. He shares the room with two bright yellow finches.

A little add-on room where the dryer currently vents, making it unusable for anything other than basic storage. BUT it leads to a sauna!



Next to the garage with the house beyond. The garage and driveway are in a weird spot.

The beautiful back porch!!!

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