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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Classes

Chemistry for Everyone
2 credits
6-10p Mon, Mar 31, Apr 14, 28, May 12; 10a-4p Fri or Sat, May 30 or May 31
Through a series of learning experiences, this course will relate chemistry to everyday life in a manner suited for those with no science background. Learning experiences will focus on both general and organic chemistry. The learning experience may consist of lectures, workshops and labs. All students will be given the opportunity to make and break chemical bonds, handle glassware and chemicals and perform chemical reactions.

Ceramics: Studio Projects
4 credits
1-3p Tue & Thu
This is an intermediate to advanced course. Emphasis is on independent work in sculpture, pottery and/or related areas. Course work will include a study of glaze chemistry.

Economics, Principals
4 credits
7-9p Tue & Thu
Presented in a non-technical and logical manner, this introductory course will introduce you to the essentials of economic theory and policy. We will explore the fundamentals of economic theory and practice, and extend these concepts to real-world applications. This course will help you acquire an understanding of micro- and macro-economic terminology, concepts and principles. Furthermore, this course will help you realize the important role that economics plays in our lives, and will help you gain a greater understanding of economic policy, as well as how decisions influence the success or failure of a business.

Neon, Introduction to: Shaping Light
2 credits
2-5p Fri
This course introduces students to the basic skills in the fabrication of neon. Each student will learn to heat, bend, weld and anneal glass tubing using a ribbon burner, cannon fire and tipping torch. Students will learn the bending process for the four basic bends: 90 degree right angle, double back, "U" and "O" loop. Students will learn to blow bubbles in a tube. They will use these techniques to fabricate several creations of their own design. Students will be guided through the processes of bombarding and wiring of their individual projects to safely attach and handle high-voltage transformers to energize their neon. Instruction in the mounting and display of the neon projects concludes the course.

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