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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My night

Tonight, Ben and I went to the Black Front Gallery to see his friends' band play. They are called "The Globes" and are from Spokane and now live in Seattle.
It was really loud, so you had to lean in real close to talk to each other.
This girl's bun looks like a heart.
All but the "K" on the usbank sign were burned out. I thought it looked cool.
I like it in black and white too :-)

Happy Saturday! It's after midnight now, so it's SUNDAY and today I am moving! I'm almost done packing. I'm really happy and excited. Oh, and Louis C.K. is on Comedy Central and I keep laughing really loud, so it's a good thing Corbin's not home or he would hear me.

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Photo Synthesis said...

omgstar (yes that is now a word), i was just there on friday!