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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break

Sorry I haven't updated but I don't have any pictures right now and I wanted to wait.
I finished a scarf, it's the blue and orange striped one for Ben. I saw Candice yesterday and we went to Sushiland, Powell's, and a yarn store on NE Broadway called "Twisted" and I got a yarn needle and she showed me how to tuck in the little tails on the scarf.
My mom got a puppy. We haven't named her yet, but she is very wee, a mix of Pomeranian, Pug, and some sort of Terrier. She is gorgeous and adorable. I didn't bring my USB cord, but I'll take pictures and upload them when I get home.
Also, my room is pretty much set up back in Olympia. I'll take pictures of that soon too.
I'll be back in Oly on Saturday, my mom is driving me up. I think that's when Ben should be home too. So...that's my story.
Oh! And my Aunt Lannie gave me five Persian rugs that she's gotten from auctions and such for cheap and no longer needs AND a bunch of big jars to keep my dry goods in(flour, sugar, etc). Yay!

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Photo Synthesis said...

Oh my god, i freaking love when people say "wee"! And it hardly ever happens... :D