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Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm moving to my new house on Sunday afternoon. So far Hannah and Ben are helping me, and I'm renting a U-Haul so I don't have to try to strap a full mattress on top of Hannah's Subaru. Also so I can get most everything in one go, especially the furniture. If you wanna help, show up at my apartment at 1:30 or 2. The plan is to order pizza when we've got most of the stuff moved into the new house. Since I have the U-haul, you can ride over to the house in Hannah's car. I hope that if you can't help on Sunday, you'll at least come visit me soon! I want everyone to see where I live, it's really easy to get to. I posted the address on facebook. You get off at the Koibito stop and then it's a very short walk. I'm super excited!

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