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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

I got some delightful gifties for Christmas. 

*from Ben:
-An adorable Hello Kitty t-shirt
-Settlers of Catan expansion pack
-a Postsecret book
*from my relatives in MA:
-Silly boot-like knit brown slippers
*from Steve and Wan:
-a Chiang Mai t-shirt
-a pink t-shirt with a pretty design with beads
*from Dad:
-Sorel waterproof snow boots
-a fleece Marmot jacket(very warm)
*from Kent and Lannie:
-a kit of things to make sushi with(fish not included)

And my best gift is that I've managed to borrow a car to drive to Spokane! I will leave on Monday morning :-). Ben and I will drive back together on Saturday the 3rd!

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