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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Days

It's snowy as all get out here in the Portland Metro Area. I think this might be the most snow I've seen here at any one time. 

I drove home yesterday and it was intense. Ben and I borrowed Mom's car and drove home to Olympia on Friday. Then Saturday morning I drove him up to SeaTac and it was lovely and sunny and a beautiful sunrise and all that. We had some airport food for breakfast and then I left when he got into the security line, pulling out onto I-5 south around 10:15am. Got into Oly in about an hour and stopped by my house because I forgot my snow pants. Was back on the road by 11:15, took me about 15 minutes to get back on the freeway *grumble grumble should have taken 5 grumble grumble*. The road remained clear and easy for a while and then at some point the snow started really coming down and the temperature dropped to the point that the road was teh icy. Ended up doing a 180 while trying to switch lanes. The snowdrift in between the lanes caught me and spun me around on the icy road. Kept my hands on the steering wheel and my foot on the brake and waited until the car stopped and then turned myself back around and continued on. It mysteriously was just wet pavement around Longview but it got icy again. All in all, I drove for about 4 hours and finally got home to Mom's house around 2:30. Both my parents were worrying fiercely. I passed out in Mom's bed and only woke up once when Ben called to chastise me for not calling to let HIM know that I'd gotten home safely(I'd called him once during the drive to tell him about the 180). Slept until about 8. 

Now I'm here at Mom's house in Aloha having slept 10 more hours last night and I'm gonna go take a shower and continue to wonder what Essie and Ainsley and Candice and Tyler are up to on this lovely snow-filled day. Candice is pretty much off he hook as I imagine she can't safely get down the hill, but Ains and Essie are just down the street from me! Let's have some fun!

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