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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today was a day for fixing my computer

Well I took my computer to ResNet today and Evan installed the new fan and I am using it. It hasn't overheated yet, keep your fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I have my class potluck in the morning and I am bringing an apple pie that I'm going to make tonight. I make really good apple pie. My only qualm is that I will not be able to share it with Ben tonight, because I'll want a good presentation tomorrow. Alas! 
Also, why will no one respond to my pleas for Passion Party hosting? Is it because you have no real excuse and don't want to lie to me? That is lame. You should either host one or at least acknowledge that I exist and am trying to make my business work. I really need this to work and for that to happen, I need people to host parties and invite people that I don't already know. Then those people will see how fun your party is(because it will be fun) and then THEY book parties, and their parties will be ENTIRELY made up of people I don't know. Then I'll be able to book party upon party instead of sitting here like an idiot while my friends ignore me. Guilt-tripped, yet?


Hannah said...

1. I know no one. Well, besides Monty and Willow and I don't think they need any passion equipment.

2. No monies, honey.

3. I think I'm more in the market for some candies more than naughties at the moment.

Starzipan said...

yeah, you're ok, and katherine and jessie are covered, but everyone else is pretty much blowing me off :-(. even the ones i've talked to in person sorta look to the side. well, frannie is ok too, i talked to her today. the end.

Hannah said...

Now, that being said, I may or may not wish to order some of that powder stuff... I'll have to dig out the catalog from where ever it got organized to for more specificity, but I'm definitely mulling it over at the moment.