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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Party 2007

Last night(Friday) there was a Halloween party at Katherine, Evan, and Paul's place(future home of Hannah). It was lovely, dancing, snacks, etc. Here's some lovely pictures.

Ben likes candy.
Peter was some sort of gay sailor? The point of this picture is really for the little face Ben is making.

I went as myself. Spooky!

This picture is glorious (Corbin, Ben, me, and Paul)

Steve went as a crazy guy? I thought jester, but crazy guy was what I was told. 

Harmony, Ben, Sean, and Joel tickle poor James.

Jessie is something, possibly winter, and Frannie is a purple unicorn.
Ben is a saucy doctor and Alex is Albert Einstein.
Frannie the unicorn.
Katherine is an old maid.
Corbin rapes Ben as usual.

Corbin went to the party as a homosexual. Because they look like everybody else.
Paul dances with his girlfriend, Ami.
Hollis was a cowboy and Maddie was a saloon girl.
Ashe and Freddy as raccoons?
Evan as Ivan.
Jessie and Joel's friend, Margaret was a fairy princess. Brian in the background is a hippie.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Oh my God... Evan's costume is even better than I thought! He went as IVAN!? no freakin way.

I love you guys.